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Dadco is an international group active in the aluminium industry.  We are a leading supplier of high quality alumina-based products and services in Europe.  We are committed to the highest EHS standards and ISO certified in all relevant domains.  Our extensive knowledge of the aluminium industry worldwide is built on decades of experience and numerous relationships within the industrial sector.


Our production facility, the Aluminium Oxid Stade (AOS) refinery located in Lower Saxony, 40km West of Hamburg, Germany, was built in the Stade-Bützfleth industrial zone between 1970 and 1973. Production originally started at the end of 1973. AOS has a current production in excess of one million metric tonnes of alumina (aluminium oxide Al2O3) per annum.


We refine various grades of bauxite into two main product groups:


- Smelter grade alumina (SGA) - delivered to aluminium smelters for processing into aluminium metal; and 

- Alumina Chemicals - come in various forms: damp aluminium trihydrate, dry aluminium  trihydrate and chemical grade calcined alumina. Our alumina chemicals are used to produce a range of chemicals such as zeolites, flame retardants and water treatment products.


All products are distributed by Dadco. 




Dadco is a privately owned investment, manufacturing and trading group with ties to the aluminium industry stretching back over 50 years.  Dadco is part of a larger group of companies; the founding company was established in 1915. 

In April 2001 Dadco acquired 50 per cent shareholding in the Aluminium Oxid Stade GmbH (AOS) refinery in Germany, after the Alcoa / Reynolds merger in 2000. In June 2004, Dadco purchased the remaining 50 per cent share from Norsk Hydro. 

Dadco is a shareholder of Halco Mining Inc., this partnership with Rio Tinto Inc., Alcoa World Alumina and Chemicals owns 51% of Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinee (CBG) in Guinea, the remainder being owned by the Government of the Republic of Guinea. CBG has exclusive rights to bauxite reserves and resources in north-western Guinea through 2038. In addition to mining in Sangaredi, CBG operates a facility at the port in Kamsar for drying and shipping bauxite to alumina refineries worldwide.




Dadco seeks to increase its recognition as a leader in the alumina and alumina chemicals industry and to maintain a world-wide reputation for quality and value. We are dedicated to the highest level of scientific excellence and commit our research to improving our product quality. 

We strive to identify the most critical needs of our customers and devote our resources to meeting those needs. We believe in innovation in all areas of our business as a means of attaining and sustaining leadership.


The beliefs and values that guide Dadco’s business strategies, corporate behaviour and relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and employees are:


Excellence in all we do.  We aim to supply the best quality alumina and alumina chemicals and provide excellent customer service and support. We value above all our ability to serve our customers who we are certain will profit from the use of our products and services, thereby providing lasting customer satisfaction.

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and moral conduct. We are responsible to our customers, to Dadco employees, to the environment we inhabit and to the societies we serve worldwide. In discharging our responsibilities, we do not take professional or ethical shortcuts. Our interaction with all segments of society reflects these high standards.

We expect profits but will not compromise product quality or company integrity or EHS performance. Our ability to meet our responsibilities depends on maintaining financial stability and strength.

We recognize that the ability to excel – to most competitively meet society’s and customers’ needs – depends on the integrity, knowledge, skill, diversity and teamwork of employees, and we value these qualities most highly. We strive to create an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork – a working environment that rewards commitment and performance and is responsive to the needs of employees.


We are committed to operating the company in a way that preserves the environment and provides a safe work place for all employees. 




Dadco does not accept or allow bribery in any form. The giving or receiving of bribes, whether by our employees or by any third party who acts on our behalf, is prohibited and will not be tolerated. We seek to influence the policies and actions of our business partners to ensure that they operate in a similar fashion.

We only offer or receive reasonable and proportionate gifts, entertainment or travel for appropriate business purposes, and we never pay for gifts, entertainment or travel as a means of influencing another person’s decision-making.

We have implemented an Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy which sets out the requirements which we impose on our employees and those acting on our behalf, and the expectations we have for our business partners and third parties in terms of interacting with public officials, donations and sponsorship, exchanging gifts and entertainment, appropriate record-keeping and reporting improper behaviour.

For more information, or if you would like to report any suspected improper behaviour which you believe is in breach of our commitment not to engage in bribery, please email: All reports will be treated in the utmost confidence and in accordance with our policy of non-retaliation.