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Appearance White free-flowing powder
Packaging Paper bags palletized, big bags or bulk delivery.
Safety Information This product is non-hazardous, non-toxic and not inflammable. Since legislation may vary from country to country the specific instructions for each jurisdiction have to be adhered to.
Handling and warehousing Due to the hygroscopic nature of the product, proper handling and storage are necessary.
REACH Reference Number 01-2119529246-39-0009




  • Catalysts, Molecular Sieves, Adsorbents

  • Glass

  • Flame Retardent

  • Titanium Dioxide

  • Speciality Chemicals

  • Base Product for Refined Aluminium Hydrates ground, precipitated, coated etc.




You can download the specification sheet for this product here.


& Physical Analysis
(20°C - 105°C)
% 0,02 < 0,01 0,10 ISO 806
Al2O3 % 65,2 65,1 65,5 Dif.*
SiO2 % 0,006 0,002 0,010 DIN 51001 / XRF*
Fe2O3 % 0,007 0,004 0,013 DIN 51001 / XRF*
TiO2 % 0,001 0,001 0,003 DIN 51001 / XRF*
CaO % 0,002 0,001 0,007 DIN 51001 / XRF*
Na2O % 0,18 0,12 0,25 DIN 51001 / XRF*
(105°C - 1,000°C)
% 34,6     ISO 806*

(Cie Lab)

% 92,5 90 94 ISO 11664-4
Particle Size
(< 45 µm)
% 5 1 12 ISO 13320-1*
**Values at the time of production        
* Data of dried material (105°C)


Effective Date February 2023


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